Neck Shoulder Back Massager India JSB HF64 Automated Chair
January 13, 2021

Neck Shoulder Back Massager India JSB HF64

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Neck Shoulder Back Massager India JSB HF64

If you are among those working professionals who continuously indulge in long drives, long hours of work and heavy activities, then definitely you will face neck, shoulder and lower back pain. The problem further grows when you do not take the right precautions on a timely basis. Read more about Neck Shoulder Back Massager India JSB HF64.

Lower back pain and shoulder pain happens due to muscle stiffness and lack of blood flow. This further leads to difficulty in moving and bone disease like spondylitis. This is when you need to invest on professionally designed massage seat Neck Shoulder Back Massager India JSB HF64.

This back massage shiatsu seat is entirely automated, offering complete relaxation from pain and boost blood circulation to these areas. Homemakers standing full day for kitchen work, elderly, office executives and others who conduct stressful activity are highly prone to muscle stiffness and other muscle issues. So it becomes imperative to invest in such automated seat massager.


The Neck Shoulder Back Massager India JSB HF64 is full back and neck kneading massager-containing heat that can give relaxing experience to specific areas. Blended with multiple feature and fine design, the Neck Shoulder Back Massager India JSB HF64 offers complete pain resistant. Some of the solutions it offers-

Boosting Blood circulation-

This is the best solution you will get on using neck and back massager. The vibration and heat, which the seat generates, boosts the blood circulation. The 3 modes of vibration intensity allows boosting blood circulation.

Brings down the stiffness experience-

Stiffness in muscles can really bring pain in long term. Stiffness happens when there is no moment in muscles for long term. This maybe because of long hours of sitting and standing. With dedicated rollers and spot massage, the stiffness in muscles will get relaxed massively.

Comfortable sitting-

Full leather body and proper alignment seat allows you to place in  your car seat, dining seat and office chair for comfortable seating experience. You can adjust the seat according your need.

Perfect for long drive-

If you regularly indulge in long drive journey and get uncomfortable due to pain, then massage seat is perfect product. You can adjust the chair as per the car seat and sit while you drive.

Neck Shoulder Back Massager India JSB HF64 Features:

The Neck Shoulder Back Massager India JSB HF64 comes with number of features that can really make your muscle and body feel relaxed. These features allows giving heat physiotherapy at home, during journey or at office. Some of the features it has are-

  • Slim design with complete leather finishing allows comforting seating experience.
  • Moreover, it fits well in car seat, office chair or dining chair.
  • 3 Modes vibration intensity allows good blood circulation.
  • This gives kneading hand massage experience.
  • The roller massage with soothing heat is perfect to get heat physiotherapy experience.
  • Dedicated rollers offers relieve in muscle stiffness in neck and back.
  • The roller also concentrates on shoulder massage to relive from pain.
  • The heat function to make the kneading massage more relaxing.
  • Kneading massage therapy will allow offering relaxing experience to deep muscle tissues.
  • Does not consume power more than 48W. Therefore, it is a good power saving product.
  • Height adjustment feature to make yourself comfortable if you are short or taller.
  • Fully remote controlled product to adjust the heat production and roller as per your need.
  • Comes with car adapter to charge while you are in long drive
  • 1 year national warranty and complete 24/7 support


This heat physiotherapy oil stress automated chair Neck Shoulder Back Massager India JSB HF64 having multiple features offers full back roller massage. No matter what you age, you belong to, body pain and muscle stiffness are common due to stress work and long hours of standing/sitting.

What makes Neck Shoulder Back Massager India JSB HF64 different from other chair massages is the easily fitting feature in car seat, dining table and office chair. It is easy to set and use. As our age grows and stress issues in body increases, body pain also increases. Working professionals and older people are more prone to back and neck pain.

Like every product from the brand, JSB HF64 goes through intense testing to ensure you get the best product. For more than 30 yrs. of experience, JSB has maintained the quality of every product, including seat massage chair. Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, the company ensures that you receive the best product and complete support service. So this concludes the information Neck Shoulder Back Massager India JSB HF64.