Neck Massager Machine India JSB HF71 relieves Stress Fatigue
January 13, 2021

Neck Massager Machine India JSB HF71

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Neck Massager Machine India JSB HF71

One of the major problems most of the people face during long hours of sitting or due to wrong sleeping posture is the neck pain. Many people face neck pain issues for long giving uneasiness throughout the day. No matter what age you belong to or what profession you belong to, neck pain is the most common thing.

Neck sprain, muscle stiffness and other issues are very common among people. If you are among those who regularly face the neck pain issue then Neck Massager Machine India JSB HF71 neck massager is the best you can invest. For a massage, anytime, anywhere, this unique model from JSB is the best to wrap around your neck and shoulders.

It comes with heating kneading nodes, breathable fabric and ergonomic design to fit the cervical shoulder. Loaded with multiple features, Neck Massager Machine India JSB HF71 is designed to bring down the neck and shoulder completely.


When we face the neck pain, it really brings discomfort to whole body. Holding up the neck massager Neck Massager Machine India JSB HF71 for few moments will certainly give a relaxing experience. This massager takes away the pain by sending heat and currents into neck muscles for relieving the tension. Many users of this product are happy with the result the neck massager gives. Some of the solutions you can expect are-

  • Relaxation from Muscle Stiffness-

Muscle stiffness and pain in the neck area is something that is commonly seen and needs quick relaxing experience. By applying the neck massager regular, the stiffness in the area relaxes. Doing the massage before the bed can give you a good sleep.

  • Proper Blood Circulation-

One of the reasons pain and muscle stiffness happens is because of the lack of blood circulation in the area. The massager also works for the back area to bring relaxing experience.

  • Covers Major Body Portion-

Neck Massager Machine India JSB HF71 neck massager is not just limited to neck or shoulder, but also covers back and waist area. Therefore, if you have pain issues in any of these areas, then using this massager can help to bring down the pain. Daily massaging in these areas can really work best.

Neck Massager Machine India JSB HF71 Features

Neck Massager Machine India JSB HF71 comes with range of features that can really help you to overcome the pain issue. From kneading & heat to soothing infrared heat, many other features really make this product stand out from others. Some of the features are-

  • The eight kneading roller heat massage feature helps to manipulate muscle fibres, increasing muscle flexibility.
  • Kneading creates friction on the skin surface making the area feel better.
  • The massage pillow with heat kneadable nodes can cover specific area.
  • The kneading massage can really best on different areas like neck, shoulders, back, etc.
  • You can move the rollers clockwise and anti-clockwise.
  • There are three buttons for strength adjustment with grip.
  • The heat function and reverse feature can really work to free muscles and unblock blood circulation.
  • The forward & backward roller movement covers different areas of the body.
  • From neck to back and waist to belly, the massage pillow covers major area.
  • So if you have pain in any area, then you can use the roller to run over specific area.
  • Special handle design allows adjusting roller position and massaging intensity in specific area.
  • For instance, if you want to extra pressure on your back area, then you can adjust the pressure accordingly
  • 1 yr. JSB national warranty to ensure you get timely service.
  • Easy to control button helps you to handle the device as per the speed or intensity you want for the massage purpose.
  • The soothing infrared heat helps in improving the circulation of oxygen-rich blood to every area of the body.
  • It further helps in pain relief and reducing inflammation.
  • You can use this massage pillow in your car seat, office chair and home sofa.
  • Therefore, if you want some good massage and relaxing experience after a tiring day, then you can use this massage pillow.
  • The U-shaped ergonomic design with unique noes makes this massage pillow perfect for different body parts.
  • The pillow specifically fits in areas to get pain relief.


The Neck Massager Machine India JSB HF71 neck massage relieves stress and fatigue, which we usually feel after a tiring day. This will be a good benefit for your body. It is obvious that we cannot undergo regular hand massage anywhere, anytime. Therefore, the best is to start using the neck massager that can give complete relaxation throughout the day and night.

Blended with multiple features including neck roller massage, soothing infrared heat and kneading heat, the massager gives relaxing experience. For elderly people and young adults, this neck massager can really work best.

JSB, a pioneer health & fitness brand, carries more than 35 years of experience. Each of the product from JSB undergoes quality check to ensure there is no default once reaches the consumer. Rigorous quality check and assured after sales service makes JSB brand product worth using. So this concludes the information Neck Massager Machine India Neck Massager Machine India JSB HF71.